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#11 Guns N Roses @ London Wembley Stadium (August 31st 1991)

Guns N Roses @ London Wembley Stadium August 31st 1991

Support: Skid Row / Nine Inch Nails

The 'Illusion' albums were yet to be released at this point but it really didn't matter though....great gig, great experience.

As per usual they (Axl) took a long time to come on...but the girls in the crowd kept the fans entertained while we waited. As the cameras panned to girls on the shoulders of guys in the crowd everyone (the men anyway) roared until the girls lifted their tops showing all they had. Sexist? Yes. To a 17 year old though? A dream realised....

Wonderful concert. Axl, Izzy, Slash, Duff and Matt. Great days. 

Ticket: August 31st 1991

Ticket Price: ¬£18.50

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