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#19 Guns N Roses @ Milton Keynes Bowl (May 29th 1993)

Guns N Roses @ Milton Keynes Bowl May 29th 1993

Support: The Cult / Soul Asylum / Blind Melon

Another great concert as most of the Guns concerts were over the years. One of the most exciting gigs I have been to...we knew it would be good so we decided in advance that we would make it a double header. Two concerts on successive nights...madness so my mother called it.

Went down with 3 mates and we had a fantastic time. Four 19 year olds in love with the band at this stage of life. So exciting to see them live....they really were  such an exciting band that I would quite happily have gone to a gig every day. It chucked it down throughout the day but we really didn't care......later on though on the slippery surface I managed to fall over right at the front of the Mosh Pit and my good friend Andy dragged me up to safety. I really could have been seriously hurt, the Gun's crowd don't have much sympathy...only afterwards did I realise how lucky I was.

Ticket: May 29th 1993 / Car Park Ticket

Ticket Price: £21.00

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