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#20 Guns N Roses @ Milton Keynes Bowl (May 30th 1993)

Guns N Roses @ Milton Keynes Bowl May 30th 1993

Support: The Cult / Soul Asylum / Blind Melon / Special Guests: Ronnie Wood / Michael Monroe

A great weekend of Guns completed with the appearance of the Stone's Ronnie Wood and Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks on a few songs.

Really exciting times seeing GNR live in the early nineties. There are some bands that you get that buzz, not just on the day of a gig but in the weeks running up to it...and I had been dreaming about this weekend for months beforehand.

They could have been the biggest band ever....wasn't to be.

Ticket: May 30th 1993 / Car Park Ticket

Ticket Price: £21.00

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