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#104 Hothouse Flowers @ Dublin Vicar Street (December 19th 2004)

Hothouse Flowers @ Dublin Vicar Street December 19th 2004

Support: Kila

Rounding off a year of Hothouse Flowers gigs at Dublin's fabulous Vicar Street was a fitting way to end 2004. Yet another entertaining gig from the band who had worked hard in 2004 to promote their Into Your Heart album. It had been a successful year in Ireland but further afield it didn't quite happen for them.

This gig was very good with great support from fellow Irish band, Kila. In fact each band supported the other on the same night as Kila were playing up the road at the Olympia Theatre. Great idea making sure that both sets of fans got to see both bands.

Overall 2004 was a great year for Irish gigs, mainly of course the Hothouse Flowers but also fellow Irish artists, Paddy Casey and The Frames who I saw the following night.

Ticket: December 19th 2004

Ticket Price: €25.00

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