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#95 Hothouse Flowers @ Dublin Voodoo Lounge (December 23rd 2003)

Hothouse Flowers @ Dublin Voodoo Lounge December 23rd 2003

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Drinking a lot before or at a concert is usually a bad idea. In fact it is one of my pet hates....Of course as always with definite rules there are exceptions. The exception for me happened in Dublin (where else) in the build up to the Christmas of 2003. On that particular day The Hothouse Flowers were shooting the video for their new single at a great venue called the Voodoo Lounge. I dragged a mate along as I promised him a great day out. He wasn’t exactly a fan of the band so it did take some persuasion (the offer of a few bought for pints). We were told to meet on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm for the shoot of the bands come back single Your Love Goes On. After the shoot had finished the band would play a gig as a way of thanks for the crowd's day long hard work.

Of course being Irish when they said 3pm what they really meant was 6pm...ish. By that time myself and my, dragged along, mate were pretty much hammered. We met up with Flowers Über fans, Grainne and Aine, who follow the band everywhere and who I have been to many a gig with. I have both huge respect and wonder at their obsession. 

If you have ever been lucky enough to experience a video shoot then you will know that they can be tedious, repetitive and downright boring. Our involvement was generally standing at the bar talking while a model walked through the crowd towards lead singer Liam O'Maonlai. The cameras were tracking her walk while we tried improvised talking in the background. We presumed we looked natural. We were wrong. That part was never used but the crowd scenes later were. This was more up my street as basically I had to stand in a crowd while dancing to the song. Dancing for me generally means shuffling my feet while moving my head from side to side and at the same time mouthing the words to the song. Impressive huh?!! When the shoot had finally finished the band played a great gig that the crowd lapped up (not surprisingly as most of us were three quarters pissed).

The resulting video is easily found on You Tube of course. Google Hothouse Flowers and Your Love Goes On and you will come across the official video. Take special interest in the crowd scenes (around 3 mins 22 secs to be exact) and look out for a bald headed guy with no rhythm. Yep that would be me. No shame there you may think. It could be worse; I mean it’s not as if lots of people were going to see the video. Alas both single and album ended up being top five in Ireland. The success was helped in some way by the thirty second TV advert for the album that ended up being shown every morning during the advert breaks for Ireland’s premier Breakfast TV show. And guess which part of the video was included in those thirty seconds......

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