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#101 Hothouse Flowers @ Naas Time Nightclub (April 28th 2004)

Hothouse Flowers @ Naas Time Nightclub April 28th 2004

Support: Jove

All in all 2004 was a great year to be a Hothouse Flowers fan. There were so many gigs and a new album to boot. Tonight was another gig promoting their new record which on this occasion was back at the Naas nightclub 'Time'.

The concert was part of the 'Osprey Punchestown Festival' but in some ways was just another gig acting as a warm up to a bigger show at the Olympia Theatre. As always the band gave a great show but again the Olympia shows were the better gigs with these a little lack lustre. One of the main reasons was the venue. It’s a nightclub after all and so it must be hard for band's to play great concerts in venues such as that. Of course the gig was good. I completely enjoyed it but at the same time I always knew it wasn't the main event.

Ticket: April 28th 2004

Ticket Price: Unknown

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