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#24 INXS @ Leeds Town and Country Club (July 7th 1993)

INXS @ Leeds Town and Country Club July 7th 1993

Support: Birthday

I had previously seen INXS at the Summer XS stadium show at Wembley stadium. After years of massive success the band had decided to go back to basics and do much smaller venues. The tour was called The Get Out Of The House Tour and brought the band back much closer to their fans. Tickets were like gold dust especially for this first date of the tour in Leeds. Luckily a friend in the know had managed to get 5 and so we blagged a couple for ourselves. Unfortunately he would only give us the upstairs seating tickets and kept two standing for himself (selfish). I wished I had been at the front moshing with the rest of the friend and his mate decided they would stand at the back of the hall....I mean seriously you could have sat and we would have used the standing tickets...gits.

When we left the club after the gig some local news cameras where there. My brother who was with me pushed me forward towards the bright light and the reporter asked me what I thought of the show...what witty words of wisdom did I come up with? What insightful piece of review did I say?...."Brilliant...Hello Mum". Embarrassing.

Ticket: July 7th 1993

Ticket Price: £15.00

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