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#10 INXS @ London Wembley Stadium (July 13th 1991)

INXS @ London Wembley Stadium July 13th 1991

Line Up: INXS / Hothouse Flowers / Debbie Harry / Jesus Jones / Roachford / Jellyfish

A varied line up for the Summer XS gig. I was and still am a big fan of INXS, not the coolest band ever but they played some great funky rock music (I sound pathetically out of touch don't I?) which went down well. I was also a fan of The Hothouse Flowers whom I would see many times in the future.

First gig that a big group of us went to. It was a really good day out but with 7 people going it was hard to pleas everyone. Managed to get close enough for INXS but had to sit at the back for some of the bands as some of the lads were tired. Tired! We were 17 at the time, fecking lightweights.

Anyway it was a long day and the mini bus journey back seemed to take forever especially as the guy that was driving (a very patient father of one of my mates) kept spitting out of the window every few minutes and slowed down to do so every time...strange. However we were very grateful to him for doing the driving and a great day's music and a top concert.

Ticket: July 13th 1991

Ticket Price: £19.00

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