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#53 INXS @ Sheffield Arena (June 15th 1997)

INXS @ Sheffield Arena June 15th 1997

Support: Alisha's Attic

A strange gig to look back on as just 5 months later Michael Hutchense was dead in an apparent suicide / sex game (depending on who you read). A shocking waste of a young life. To lose a man who was an out and out rock star. He really did ooze sex appeal and had a fantastic voice and all round presence.

In Sheffield on this night a half full arena was the stark reality for a band whose success had waned in just a matter of two years. Touring a fantastic album it seemed wrong that the band should be struggling for success in the UK. Myself and my brother were able to walk right to the front of the arena without any issue and watch a fabulous band. Possibly the easiest best front row view I have ever got! Michael that night did appear to be a little spaced out as he clamoured up the ropes and over into the seating area but he was a true showman, one that is sadly missed.

Ticket: June 15th 1997

Ticket Price: ¬£17.50

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