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#244 Justin Currie @ London Bush Hall (November 19th 2014)

Justin Currie  - London Bush Hall November 19th 2014

Support: Ella the Bird

I learnt one new thing about Justin Currie tonight…he is one hell of a funny man. He was cracking jokes, quips and kept up a comedy double act with the roadie all evening. In between all that he also played an excellent 100 minute set.

He may be fast approaching 50 (sorry Justin) but he is still looking as dapper as ever and really does have a wonderful rapport with the crowd. Admittedly it was obvious that the majority of the people in the ornate surroundings of Bush Hall had seen him before. This was a knowledgeable audience with a lot of song requests from all around the venue…although as Justin pointed out some were definitely just ‘showing off’. Any song seemed possible (except that one)…hell we even got a short rendition of Status Quo’s Whatever You Want…don’t ask…

As for me my only previous time seeing Mr Currie on stage was in Sheffield Don Valley Stadium. That was way back in 1995 fronting Del Amtri when they played in support to the Rolling Stones. Alas I missed the Scottish band’s reunion gigs earlier this year due to a ruptured Achilles tendon (pesky little blighter) which made seeing Currie on his solo tour a must. In truth I only listened to his three solo albums in recent months, but they have been on constant play in that time and his song writing and depth of songs is as impressive as it ever was.

As you would expect there was a healthy splattering of Del Amtri songs tonight including Just Like A Man, Be My Downfall and Move Away Jimmy Blue, with the latter a personal favourite. All were warmly greeted of course, but it was noticeable how the solo tracks sat well alongside the older classics. In fact the songs from new album Lower Reaches are among the highlights here. From opening song Every Song’s the Same (‘Let me teach you how to write a song. The first line must be brief but strong’) to main set closer Falsetto (‘And you liked to sing falsetto.
Which real men shouldn't do’) the quality of his new album is there to see with the spine tingling Little Stars the song to top all others.

Justin’s voice and stage presence are as excellent as ever. In a welcoming atmosphere like this it could be easy for an artist to go through the motions as they don’t have to work to win a crowd over. This being Justin Currie, this being the last night of the tour and the fact that he would probably be killed if he even dared to go through the motions, meant that tonight's show was a splendid way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Ticket: November 19th 2014

Ticket Price: £22.50

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