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#137 Kaiser Chiefs @ Dublin Marlay Park (August 26th 2007)

Kaiser Chiefs @ Dublin Marlay Park August 26th 2007

Support: Fratellis

Didn't catch the Fratellis tonight as I was still pretty hungover from the night before and so left it late before heading down to the venue. It took a mighty effort to drag myself down to Marlay Park with Mrs Rock…at one point we weren’t going to the gig at all. Nothing to do with the band you understand, I had never seen the Kaiser Chiefs and so did want to go but I just wasn't feeling in top condition it has to be said. On top of that the venue wasn't a favourite of mine and being stood in the park for a few hours was not going to be my idea of fun on this occasion.

After much deliberation we managed to get our backsides to the gig (at the time we were only living a twenty minute walk away so it was hardly a massive undertaking). It was agreed that we would keep to the back of the crowd so as to lessen the hangover impact. Music though is a great healer and sure enough after the first song I remembered why I liked going to gigs and the headache, dry mouth and tiredness was forgotten.

A good gig tonight although I do remember thinking that they needed another album or two before they would be able to put on a great gig. That was purely because they needed more songs from which to pick from. Still it has to be said that it was a good gig tonight and with songs as good as Ruby, Predict A Riot, Everyday I love You Less and Less (tonight’s opener) and the fabulous encore of Oh My God it must be pretty difficult for them to put on a bad show. 

Ticket: August 26th 2007

Ticket Price: €49.50

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