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#196 Kaiser Chiefs @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 23rd 2011)

Support: Royseven

My second time seeing the Kaiser Chiefs, this time in my favourite venue; Dublin's Olympia Theatre. At present it seems that pop has taken over the world once again and whereas before a new release from one of Indie's finest would be hugely anticipated, now that’s not necessarily the case. Even the mighty Kings of Leon have suffered a bit of a backlash of late but they are by no means alone. The Kaiser Chiefs however are not your average indie band and new release; The Future is Medieval shows a more mature sound. That’s not to say that they have lost their ability to write catchy tunes as new song and lead single, Little Shocks demonstrates.

Kaiser Chiefs - Dublin Olympia Theatre August 23rd 2011

I admit I was surprised when realising I hadn’t seen the band more often. I suppose I would have done but had always felt that they needed more great songs. Now on their fourth album (and fourth UK top ten long player as it happens) the time was right to see the lads from Leeds in concert once again. 

Support act Royseven had already started their set when we made it into the venue. Rarely have I done so and instantly been blown away by the atmosphere. Clearly a lot of people had made the effort to see the Dublin band and I soon regretted not arriving earlier myself. However the five songs I did see were killer. It will be interesting to see how they progress as not all great Irish bands make it outside of the country (the mighty Frames being one....Glen’s Oscar apart) but for now make sure to keep an eye out for them as on tonight’s showing they are going to be big.

Opening with a treble punch of Everyday I Love You Less and Less, Never Miss A Beat and Shocks the Kaiser Chiefs made sure the crowd was into their set from the start. The band seemed to balance the show perfectly with new songs and the big ones (Ruby, Predict A Riot etc) spread out and the tempo never let up. I have said before that 75 minutes is not long enough for a gig but it really depends on the band and gig in question. 75 minutes tonight was perfect. A complete energy fuelled set that the grand old venue was a great setting for. Lead singer Ricky Wilson fed on the atmosphere and even decided to climb up into one of the boxes and sing a storming Take My Temperature while security guards and venue staff looked on nervously. The two song encore was next and ended in the only way possible with a roof lifting Oh My God. With that the lights were up and a satisfied crowd left for the exits.

It’s a tough time for bands like the Kaiser Chiefs. I hope they stay the course as surely pop will not rule forever…although with reality TV and pop shows galore it seems to be getting harder and harder for indie and rock music to find new audiences. Having said that, people still want to see good live bands, indeed live music is booming at present and for all pop’s potential for perfection when condensed into 3 minutes, live it’s a different story. That is where bands like the Kaiser Chiefs will hopefully win out.

Ticket: August 23rd 2011

Ticket Price:€30.00

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