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#50 Lightning Seeds @ Hull City Hall (November 20th 1996)

Lightning Seeds @ Hull City Hall November 20th 1996

Support: The Wannadies / Ed Ball

Great, feel good pop gig from another 'Brit Pop' band. 1996 was the high point for a lot of these bands but the good ones are still going strong in one form or another. With songs like Pure and Lucky You the Lightning Seeds were one of the better ones.

One thing to note.....the ticket actually had the wrong spelling of the band...The Lightening Seeds...good auld Hull City Hall fecking it up, however it is surprisingly a decent venue for gigs and am proud of it. In truth Hull doesn’t have many other venues for live music on this scale so we type of have to make the best of what we have.

Ticket: November 20th 1996

Ticket Price: £12.50

Set Lists: