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#23 Little Angels @ Hull City Hall (June 21st 1993)

Little Angels @ Hull City Hall June 21st 1993

Support: Cockroach

After the thrill of meeting the band earlier in the day and having my records signed it was time for the sold out show at Hull's City Hall. Another great gig from a rising band who had the world at their feet.

The thing with this band, the reason they were starting to make waves was because they worked hard. Not just on stage but they really put a lot of effort into being successful but looking after their fans at the same time. Tonight they were at the top of their game. A superb rock singer always helps and Toby Jepson could definitely sing. Add to that the great musicianship of the rest of the group and all the ingredients were there. Sadly just a year later they called it a day and I still don't understand why. 

Always a great band both on record and live but it was on the stage that these guys could really do the business. A class act, one that gave up too soon.

Ticket: June 21st 1993

Ticket Price: ¬£9.83

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