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#29 Little Angels @ London Royal Albert Hall (July 2nd 1994)

Little Angels @ London Royal Albert Hall July 2nd 1994

Support: Baby Stafford

One of my favourite ever gigs. Went down to London with two of my best friends and fellow Little Angels fanatics, for what was a farewell concert from a great band. I still to this day don't fully understand why they broke up so soon. Success had come their way and they had achieved a number 1 album in the UK with Jam. All appeared to be going right but as usual differences of opinion / record company interference etc was to be the cause of their demise. 

Security was lax and a handover between Andy and myself (in the standing area) and Keith (in the seats) of Andy's standing ticket (which hadn't been marked or torn) enabled Keith to simply go back out of the venue and come in again this time joining us on the main floor. This of course was before the time of bar code scanners and so on.

The gig itself was outstanding. The grand old venue of The Royal Albert Hall was to host the final concert from Scarborough's finest. From She's a Little Angel all the way though to Don't Pray For Me the band had the crowd in the palm of their hand. After 2 sweat soaked hours we made our way out of the venue and....I have absolutely no idea what we did. Did we go straight back to Hull (4 hour journey) or did we stay somewhere? Must ask my friends!

Will always remember this gig and the band who I saw a lot over the first 5 years of my concert going time. This is a band that I would kill for a reunion....can't see it though.

Ticket: July 2nd 1994

Ticket Price: £12.50

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