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#8 Little Angels @ Sheffield University Octagon Centre (May 17th 1991)

Little Angels @ Sheffield University Octagon Centre May 17th 199

Support: RPLA

Myself and my friends couldn't get enough of the lads music and so off we went again a few months after the last gig. I couldn't wait to see the band live every time we booked tickets. One of the few bands that I really would travel long distances to see. They were that good that you always came away feeling that this is a band that would be huge.

So what happened at this gig? Was it another great one? Well unfortunately on this occasion I was feeling unwell and so actually had to sit down at the back of the hall. How pathetic I felt while my friends moshed away at the front of the pit. I'm told it was a great concert and for the half that I saw I completely agree....

Ticket: May 17th 1991

Ticket Price: ¬£7.20

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