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#223 Lucky Bones @ Dublin Whelan's (May 22nd 2013)

Lucky Bones - Dublin Whelan's May 22nd 2013

Support: Edisons

You may not have heard of Lucky Bones. If you have then you have either seen lead singer Eamonn O’Connor play in a pub somewhere in Ireland (or Denmark) or he has served you a pint or two whilst working as a barman in the south of the city. Not very glamorous admittedly but such is the life of a hardworking, talented musician. Fame doesn’t usually fall into the lap…and if it does…well it doesn’t tend to stick around very long. 

This show at Whelan’s was the official launch for Someone’s Son; the band’s second long player. Following on from the release of debut album, Together We Are All Alone, in 2011 this is a group that has gone about its business the old fashioned way. They have worked hard, played all over and are now ready to reap the benefits. Indeed there seems to be a ‘buzz’ (yes I used that word…judge me) developing about the band as is shown by their session for the ‘Pat Kenny Show’ earlier in the day. Tonight was a way of introducing the new album, so there are of course a lot of unfamiliar tracks. It is obvious from first listen though (ok so I had been listening to it all day on Spotify…) that there are some great tunes here.

The band clearly have confidence in the material and set their stall out from the start by playing the first three tracks off the new record with the magnificent She Don’t Know kicking the show off. ‘Oldie’ Frank Sinatra is played early in the set and I still maintain that it would grace any ‘weepie’ montage from certain American hospital dramas (that is meant as a compliment trust me).

Promisingly the stand out tracks are new ones. Born To A Holy Land, Won’t Be Coming Home (showcasing O’Connor’s vocal ability) and the title track from Someone’s Son are all great…with the latter a song that should, and hopefully could, be huge. The sombre Who’s Gonna Follow Me Down closes the main set but only after a raucous Greensleeves gets the Mrs dancing.

Summer Nights Eruption and Together We Are All Alone are aired from their debut but it is Commercial Presentation from that record that is its highlight and that track also closes the gig tonight. That song was probably their finest hour up to the release of the new record but judging by the crowd reaction in Whelan's it may have been bettered. Ok so there were plenty of friendly and familiar faces in the crowd and the band will play tougher gigs but after hearing the new songs live for the first time the new record shows a maturity that bodes well for the future.

Will Lucky Bones make it? They deserve to. In a world of instant, here today, gone tomorrow, reality TV Show, throwaway pop, it would be a travesty if they didn’t at least get their chance. Watch this space...

Lucky Bones are: Eamonn O' Connor: Vocals, Guitar / Peter O'Grady: Guitars / Leon Kennedy: Bass Guitar / Conor Miley: Keys, Banjo / Binzer Brennan: Drums

Ticket: May 22nd 2013

Ticket Price: €10

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