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#187 Manic Street Preachers @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 16th 2011)

Support: The Joy Formidable

Another cracking gig from The Manics. From opener Stay Beautiful to the closing Design For Life they created a great atmosphere at the always welcoming Olympia Theatre in Dublin.  With arguably the best three songs played from their latest album (Postcards From A Young Man) plus a large selection of their biggest hits the evening really did fly by. The crowd was in top form too especially singing "we just wanna get drunk..." at the top of their voices for the closing song as well as moshing away to Motorcycle EmptinessYou Love Us and many, many more.

Manic Street Preachers - Dublin Olympia Theatre May 16th 2011

Interesting point with the Manics and that is that they hardly ever do encores....very, very fact almost never.

The majority of people at the gig knew this and weren't surprised when the lights came on after the last song but there were still a few feeling short changed even though the band had been on stage for over 90 minutes playing all the songs they would probably be expected to play. This got me thinking about encores and what is the point of them? Interesting article here on the subject:

From what I understand lead singer James Dean Bradfield has said that they just don't believe in doing encores, he says they just seem fake. I agree to a certain extent, as some artists don't deserve an encore yet they come back on because they have left their most famous song until last and want the crowd to go home happy. Personally I love encores, I can't get enough of them, I'm not stupid (honest) I know that when a band comes back on stage it has already been planned before hand but its theatre I guess....if the encores are earned then so what, which is why Springsteen and his numerous encores always go down well with me.

Was I disappointed there was no encore last night? No, not at all because a) I knew there wouldn't be one and b) I also know the Manics are going to put 100% into every performance anyway. They are one of the few remaining bands that actually have principals and stick to them. That I admire greatly and is one of the reasons why I'm sure I will be seeing them again many times in the future.

Top gig.

Ticket: May 16th 2011

Ticket Price: €44.20

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