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#51 Manic Street Preachers @ Hull Ice Arena (December 9th 1996)

Manic Street Preachers @ Hull Ice Arena December 9th 1996

Support: Super Furry Animals

Another freezing gig in Hull's Ice Arena which is not my favourite venue in the world however it didn’t matter tonight as this really was a storming gig from a band who are the new darlings (behind Oasis) of the British public and even press. Long may it continue.

Seeing the Manics headline on the fabulous Everything Must Go Tour is something I am proud of. Up to this point I had seen them support everyone from Oasis to Bon Jovi (yes I know a strange fit) but finally I got to see them as the main act. Ending with a storming You Love Us they didn't disappoint. As an aside the Super Furry Animals were great also as support.

Ticket: December 9th 1996

Ticket Price: £10.00

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