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#3 Marillion @ Hull City Hall (July 9th 1990)

Marillion @ Hull City Hall July 9th 1990

Support: Little Angels

One of the only gigs which I have gone to, to specifically see the support act. They were fabulous but I came away realising how great the new, 'Fish-less', Marillion were. Both bands were spot on. I became a huge fan of The Little Angels during their short lived existence but Marillion, with Steve Hogarth taking over lead vocals, showed me what a great future they could have.

Always remember Hogarth asking why no one called Hull by its full name (Kingston Upon Hull) one knew.

After the concert I officially realised that I was a Rocker....out came the denim jackets and long band shirts...not forgetting the Doc Martins of course.

Ticket: July 9th 1990

Ticket Price: ¬£10.00

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