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#183 Marina and the Diamonds @ Dublin Vicar Street (October 27th 2010)

Marina and the Diamonds - Dublin Vicar Street October 27th 2010

Support: Unknown

Ok so I went to a Marina And The Diamonds show. In truth this wouldn't normally be a concert I would bother with but the Mrs took me along with her. I had to go really as to be fair I have dragged her to many gigs that she had no interest in. 

She enjoyed most of them but some she had no idea what was going on (she has learnt lots about rock bands over the years – the good and bad). As for tonight I’m really glad I came as it turned out to be a surprisingly enjoyable show.

The Welsh singer has a superb voice with a wide range, not forgetting she is a talented pianist to boot. Tonight she showed her, already loyal and mostly female, following that she is a step above many of her contemporaries. Yes there were a lot of women in the audience…in fact I felt a little exposed being one of the few men, mainly because I was not dancing like they were. Women don’t feel too self-conscious about dancing do they? Men do; especially 36 year old men in a concert full of twenty-something women.

The only problem with artists who have had one album is that there is only one record’s worth of material. That can get troublesome if the album is full of filler, but Marina’s LP, The Family Jewels, is a genuinely impressive debut full of self-written songs and here she plays the lot of them. There are no noticeable lags in the atmosphere with highlights being Are You SatisfiedI Am A RobotObsessions and closing track Hollywood. These are all superb pop songs that showcase her wide ranging vocals and the fact she wrote them all shows what a talent she is.

In the years to come, three or four albums down the line say, I would expect her to continue with this rich vein. I just hope she avoids collaborating too much with other writers as I have a feeling she has much more to offer on her own before she goes down that route.

We will hear much more from this talented singer of that we can be sure.

Ticket: October 27th 2010

Ticket Price: €23.00

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