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#66 Meatloaf @ Sheffield Arena (May 2nd 1999)

Meatloaf @ Sheffield Arena May 2nd 1999

Support: Picture House

Saw the mighty Meatloaf for the one and only time with my eldest brother and his (then) girlfriend just a month after my wife had left (ok, ok I know…time to stop talking about her).

The gig was supposed to have been on April 11th but it had been postponed for a few weeks due to his ill health. Absolutely loved the classics and the guy has a great voice. Looking back I'm surprised I haven't seen him again since then as I did really enjoy it.

A show man, completely over the top and doesn’t know the meaning of subtle. Cheesy? Hell yes! Great nonetheless.

Ticket: May 2nd 1999

Ticket Price: £25.00

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