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#151 Metallica @ Dublin Marlay Park (August 20th 2008)

Metallica - Dublin Marlay Park August 20th 2008

Support: Tenacious D

This was the third time seeing Metallica; first time was a short set at the Freddie Mercury tribute show at Wembley in 1992 which included James singing Stone Cold Crazy with the remaining members of Queen. The second time I saw the metal legends was at the RDS in Dublin. That night they were superb. Playing Master Of Puppets in its entirety was nice although I wasn’t a massive fan at the time and wasn’t that familiar with it all. Getting right to the front though made for a great gig. Tonight was a little different. Having been stood in the same field 24 hours earlier for the Lenny and Alanis show (just realised that sounds like a 1970’s US sitcom) I was a little fatigued and not really ready for a metal concert. As a result I missed Tenacious D (with Jack Black in full flow), choosing instead to have another pint with mate Alan at a local pub.

One result of arriving later to a gig is not getting the best view. Stood half way back in a field is not somewhere you really want to be at most shows but especially at Marlay Park. It really isn’t the best music venue and has to go down as one of my least favourite. Metallica though were excellent as always. Playing a mixture of songs they kept both devoted fans and the fans who only came along with the Black album (yes including me) happy. Over the years I have grown to love songs other than Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters. One of course is always outstanding but Master Of Puppets and …And Justice For All get better every time I hear them as does their cracking cover of Whiskey In the Jar and the show ending Seek And Destroy (what a way to finish any gig).

I like Metallica; I have since 1991 when they went more commercial. I guess my taste has got heavier yet at the same time more varied over the years. I appreciate their older stuff a whole lot more now which helped tonight. So what of the gig? Well I really enjoyed the show but at the same time wish I had been closer and not so wrecked from the previous night.

I need to see them again up close and mosh with the best of them. I’ll be ready next time.

Ticket: August 19th 2008

Ticket Price: €69.50

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