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#130 Mika @ Dublin Academy (March 1st 2007)

Mika @ Dublin Academy  March 1st 2007

Support: Unknown

"Mika...seriously"...? Well I had a great time. It was quite possibly the most poptastic, campest show I have ever been at yet it was quite fabulous in its own way.

The show started with 'Lollipop' girl passing through the crowd handing out lollipops. You wouldn't get that at a Metallica gig now would you?

Bounding on stage he had the crowd singing straight from the off with Relax, Take it Easy going straight into Love Today. Big Girl (You are Beautiful) was great fun but of course it was Grace Kelly that brought the house down and closer Lollipop is the most fun encore I have ever seen. Crazy but brilliant.

The only slight misstep was saying that the gig was the last of his 'UK' tour. Oops. A few boos greeted that but he soon won the crowd over with his undeniable wit and charm.

Came away thinking that this guy was going to be a huge star and deservedly so. He isn’t going to win any critics awards but with a powerful voice and impressive stage presence he is sure to be great entertainment.

Ticket: March 1st 2007

Ticket Price: €25.70

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