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#5 Monsters of Rock Festival @ Castle Donington Donington Park (August 18th 1990)

Monsters of Rock Festival @ Castle Donington Donington Park August 18th 1990

Line Up: Whitesnake / Aerosmith / Poison / The Quireboys / Thunder

My very first music festival....and in pure 'RAWK' style. I am a sucker for rock music, everything from soft rock to heavy metal (I draw the line at thrash..... sometimes). Back in 1990 the Monsters line up was just about perfect. Loved every band on the bill and wasn't disappointed by any of them. Swore that I would go back many times to Donington. In reality I never far.

Memories of the day include The Quireboys coming back on for an encore when no one actually expected them to. But best of all (remembering I was a 16 year teenager at the time) were the Thunder birds. Please someone must have a picture of these ladies dressed in cat suits there to promote the band Thunder....Thunder Birds you see...geddit? :-)

Ticket: August 18th (1) / August 18th (2)

Ticket Price: £20.00

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