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#125 Morrissey @ Dublin Marlay Park (August 22nd 2006)


Support: Magic Numbers / Dandy Warhols

Missed the Dandy Warhols and arrived in time to see most of The Magic Numbers set. Pleasant sounding band but probably not best suited to an outdoor sound. Their sound was nothing spectacular, nothing that excited me too much but I can see the appeal.

Obviously the main event tonight was the man himself. Always controversial, always entertaining, always stubborn. I liked the Smiths but only had a passing interest in Morrissey's solo career. Tonight's show for me was ok. When it was good it was really good...and yes I admit that was mainly the Smith's songs. Opening with Panic and closing with How Soon Is Now showed that Morrissey still knows what the crowd wants. He also played Girlfriend In A Coma and Stop Me. All were superb and welcomed ecstatically . Of course The Smiths were a long time ago and as an artist Morrissey does not want to live in the past. Some of his solo work is top notch including the wonderful Irish Blood, English Heart which was warmly appreciated.

For me something didn't quite work tonight. A lot of the fans there seemed to have a great time and they would know an awful lot more about his back catalogue than me. I may just have been in a grumpy mood because my knee was still hurting. Yet I got the feeling that he could have given more. Being a fan of many bands with great showmen as frontmen maybe I am not used to the sullen singer.

Good gig, but wanted more.

Ticket: August 22nd 2006

Ticket Price: €49.50

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