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#75 Natalie Merchant @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 9th 2002)

Natalie Merchant @ Dublin Olympia Theatre May 9th 2002

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In the space of a year I had managed to move over to a new country to start a life with a new girlfriend. Split up with said girlfriend. Find another girlfriend.

Luckily for me the new girlfriend, Caoimhe, was a lover of music. As a result 2002 was back to being a great year for gigs (after attending only one the previous year).

I hadn't really heard much about Natalie Merchant before but I was glad that Caoimhe dragged me to see her. In the build up to the gig I had listened to the 10,000 Maniacs (of which Natalie was lead singer) and also a lot of her solo stuff (especially the fantastic live album called simply Live in Concert).

A chilled out gig. My first in the fabulous Olympia Theatre.

Ticket: May 9th 2002

Ticket Price: €33.70

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