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#47 Oasis @ Knebworth Park (August 10th 1996)

Oasis @ Knebworth Park August 10th 1996

Support: Prodigy / Manic Street Preachers / Ocean Colour Scene / Chemical Brothers / Bootleg Beatles

Huge gigs from Oasis cementing themselves as the biggest band in the country. Myself and my Oasis loving mate Mike experienced this first night somewhere in the middle of 125,000 people. We were a long way from the stage and not a patch on the Manchester gig a few months before. However this was an 'I Was There' type of gig. Great line up on the day including the Manics yet again.

"This is History" Noel roared at the crowd while Liam replied "I thought it was Knewbworth". Classic Oasis. Yes it felt like it at the time but in hindsight these gigs were really a celebration of a wonderful few years in the band's lives as well as a celebration of Britpop. Nothing wrong with that.

A great gig in many ways but the coach journey there and back made it a more painful experience than it probably should have been and I know Mike was not that impressed. So as I say not a patch on the Maine Road gig. Now that really was an ‘I Was There’ moment.

Ticket: August 10th 1996 / Bus Ticket

Ticket Price: £22.50 / £41.00 inc Coach Travel

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