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#57 Oasis @ London Earls Court (September 25th 1997)

Oasis @ London Earls Court September 25th 1997

Support: The Verve

The first of a triple header at London's Earls Court for Oasis; England’s all conquering heroes. Quite a shattering experience really. My mum travelled down with me to London on the train (bless) and we had a tourist day around London. I remember clearly her asking me in Harrods Cafe (posh I know) about my girlfriend of just 6 weeks, Jane. Remember me telling her that I was thinking of moving in with her. The horrified look on her face remains with me to this day.

Oasis were excellent as were The Verve. Being stood at a concert on your own is a little weird and by the third night it became a little bit of a bore, but once the gig started it was fine. The queue to get into the venue is the worst bit. No mobile phones remember so I was looking around aimlessly with no one to talk to. 

Oasis never really did long concerts. 16 songs were all that was played. They were very much from the 'leave em wanting more' school of thought. What they played though was superb...and yes I love the Be Here Now album.

Ticket: September 25th 1997

Ticket Price: £19.00

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