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#59 Oasis @ London Earls Court (September 27th 1997)

Oasis @ London Earls Court September 27th 1997

Support: The Verve

The third and final night of the three and I was now missing my girlfriend! Queued up early again but this time armed with a newspaper and sweets so the time didn't drag quite as much. Oasis were excellent but yet again the exact same set list as the previous nights. A variation of songs really would have been welcomed and maybe this showed a lack of experience on their part (or laziness). However the gigs were all fantastic and the atmosphere really was electric (over used term I know but honestly it was). I am one of the few who actually liked the Be Here Now album and thought the songs played over the three nights were superb.

So a great three nights in London. A great experience but I would have done so much differently if I had chance to do them again now. Would have explored London a lot more, had a lot to drink and made sure I got near the front for at least one of the three nights (I was midway on all three). I would also have found a girlfriend that liked the same bands I like.

Ticket: September 27th 1997

Ticket Price: £19.00

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