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#45 Oasis @ Manchester Maine Road (April 28th 1996)

Oasis @ Manchester Maine Road April 28th 1996

Support: Manic Street Preachers / Ocean Colour Scene

Absolutely stunning gig in the bands home town and home football ground. Oasis really were the biggest band in Britain at the time. The so called Brit Pop scene seemed to carry the nation along on a crest of a wave. Hell even England's football team nearly won something in 96....but didn't of course.

Fantastic gig all round, one of the nights filmed for their There and Then video. Liam had his customary moan about something but he was never better than here. Hungry for more he really became a true front man during this period.

This gig has to go down in my top ten. Great times especially as we parked the car in Moss Side and it never got stolen. Result.

Downside to this gig was the guys stood behind me mocking my hair. Sounds funny I know but I had / still have (as of time of writing) alopecia, which means I get bald patches in my hair. To be honest I didn't realise at the time they were doing it but Mike, who I was with, told me after. I have him to thank for showing me the way and shaving it all off!

Good times.

Ticket: April 28th 1996

Ticket Price: ¬£17.50

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