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#103 Paddy Casey @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (September 10th 2004)

Paddy Casey @ Dublin Olympia Theatre September 10th 2004

Support: Unknown / With: The Dublin Gospel Choir

A good gig from Paddy Casey who was having great success in Ireland at this point. A week long residency proved that his popularity was on the up. His second album, Living, was huge in Ireland at the time.

If I remember rightly the Dublin Gospel Choir joined him on stage but can't find anything on the web to back me up. Almost certain they did the encore with him which would probably have been Saints and Sinners and a cover of No Diggity as they had recorded those songs together.

This was the last gig I went to with Caoimhe. It was a break up that took nearly a year and I think this gig was probably the time when we were both ready to say goodbye. We had a great few years together including many gigs but some relationships just run out of steam and this was one of them. It’s good to know that at least we did it on good terms...then again we haven't spoken since.

Remembered most for the end of a relationship but then again as I have said before music is the soundtrack to our lives.

Ticket: September 10th 2004

Ticket Price: €22.50

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