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#155 Paul Heaton @ Dublin Academy (November 13th 2008)

Paul Heaton - Dublin Academy November 13th 2008

Support: Joe Echo (Ciaran Gribbin)

This was my third time seeing Paul Heaton in a year, with this particular gig being in the intimate surroundings of Dublin’s Academy.

Supporting Paul tonight was Irish singer Joe Echo (real name, Ciaran Gribbin *as of 2011 the new lead singer of INXS) who was very good and obviously talented. It was only after looking him up the next day that I realised he has been around for a long time in one form or another. Definitely one to check out.

Tonight though was all about Mr Heaton and although very rarely playing Housemartins or South songs these days he is still great in concert. For the set he mainly did tracks from his new solo album (The Cross Eyed Rambler) and you know what, they really are a joy. Sure there is nothing new in terms of experimentation but the day Paul starts experimenting is the day I start to worry. Why change when what you do is so good? His lyrics are his main weapon; cutting, humorous yet always meaningful. That isn’t to say he has lost his skill of finding a great melody though. In fact each song played tonight deserved a little ‘boogie’…a ‘boogie’ in relative terms of course…what the mainly middle aged crowd can do may not be much of a ‘boogie’ and we weren’t going to start raving but all songs deserved at least a sway of the hips…and that’s no mean feat.

Paul has stated quite clearly that he will not be interested in doing a Beautiful South tour / reunion and I can see why. It is time to move on and keep those creative juices flowing instead of living off the past. Yes I would like to hear some more Housemartins songs but maybe next time.

As always it was a pleasure to watch the great man in full flow. Until next time.

Ticket: November 13th 2008

Ticket Price: €25.00

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