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#138 Paul Heaton @ Dublin Whelan's (November 11th 2007)

Paul Heaton @ Dublin Whelan's November 11th 2007

Support: Majella Murphy

Didn't catch the support tonight as I was purely in a Paul Heaton frame of mind. He may not be to everyone's taste. He may not have changed musical style much over the years but he is certainly one of a kind. Unique in just about every way, Paul has not allowed age to dim his creativity or views on the world. For me he is a genius, pure and simple. Maybe it is because I am originally from the metropolis of Hull (home for many years of the Housemartins) that I think that....but whatever the reason, genius he is.

I never saw the Housemartins live, too young for that and for some reason only caught the Beautiful South live once. I am determined to make up for lost time though. This gig was one of a number of shows trying out songs for his second solo album (following 2001's Fat Chance) and was held in one of my favourite venues; Whelan's of Dublin.

I had a great time tonight more than anything because I had so wanted to see Mr Heaton close up on stage for so long. There was so much love in the room for Paul. When you get to the stage of a musical career that he finds himself I guess you are not going to win over many new fans so much as keep the old ones happy. Don’t get me wrong this was no greatest hits set; far from it, but the music he creates he does well. His lyrics are superb and the new songs played tonight went down a storm.

For me he is one of the finest songwriters of his generation…but as I said I am from Hull so what do I know…?

Ticket: November 11th 2007

Ticket Price: €23.00

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