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#93 Paul Weller @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (December 11th 2003)

Paul Weller @ Dublin Olympia Theatre December 11th 2003

Support: The Stands

Memorable gig for a few reasons:

1) Had no interest in the support band until the place went crazy and I pulled myself away from the bar to see Mr Weller come on stage and play piano for them

2) I'm not that familiar with all of Weller's work and as a result I actually had a taste of my own medicine when a couple of diehard fans overheard me ask someone if this was a Style Council song. It obviously wasn't as they collapsed in laughter...note to self don't be a music snob in future and embrace old and new fans of the bands I know inside out

3) Went to a gig with new friends...never went to one again with them

4) My new friends asked me if I wanted to try cocaine...and I thought well why the hell not. It wasn't very successful really as I didn't know what I was doing and accidentally blew away half of it in the toilets rather than snort it. Decided that I was cool anyway and talked up the fact I would be experimenting with lots of drugs in the future.....Idiot

5) Brilliant gig mixing Weller with a couple of Jam and Style Council songs

Ticket: December 11th 2003

Ticket Price: €39.00

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