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#108 Queen And Paul Rodgers @ Dublin Point Theatre (May 14th 2005)

Queen And Paul Rodgers @ Dublin Point Theatre May 14th 2005

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Third night seeing Queen and Paul Rodgers, this time in my home town of Dublin (well ok I'm actually from Hull but Dublin is where I live...).

At this time the Point Theatre really wasn't the best venue. It had seen better days to be honest; however myself and friend Alan got close enough to enjoy the show. If you got in the wrong place then it was possible to have no view at all. Luckily they have since rebuilt it as the O2 Arena.

They played more songs tonight than previously including The Show Must Go On which was superb. Also they played extra Paul Rodgers songs. One other main difference apart from the longer set list was no God Save The Queen. Queen never could play their traditional finale in Ireland for political reasons and tonight was no different. It was so strange seeing Brian and Roger taking the applause with it not being played.

Went for a few pints afterwards and met a couple of girls. I ended up taking one of them out for a few dates...until I realised she was a coke head and couldn't string two sentences together. She also said her brothers would beat me up if they knew we were going out together. I decided she wasn't for me.

Ticket: May 14th 2005

Ticket Price: €65.00

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