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#153 Queen and Paul Rodgers @ Liverpool Echo Arena (October 18th 2008)

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Queen and Paul Rodgers - Liverpool Echo Arena October 18th 2008

Our Queen pilgrimage now took us to Liverpool, a city that I had never been to previously apart from driving through to catch a ferry. A quite beautiful city as it turns out (at least the centre of it is) with fantastic old buildings and a modern, efficient and well run arena (of which there now seems to be more and more around the UK). I have said before that arenas are a little soulless and I stand by that but the crowd is what makes a show and tonight they were in great form.

The set list was the same as per the previous show in Birmingham which, although disappointing, was understandable. There are only so many Queen songs that Paul Rodgers is going to learn after all. The show was great with the usual highlights of Tie Your Mother Down, Fat Bottomed Girls, Love Of My Life, ’39 and not forgetting the encore of course. One other song I should mention is the rather fantastic I’m In Love With My Car sung with gusto by Mr Taylor, this coming immediately after his breath taking and extremely funny drum solo. An interesting drum solo is a rare thing let’s face it but Roger had obviously put a lot of thought into it.

My only real criticism of the set list from the tour is that the solos take up too much time. Personally I would like to see more songs played but I know there are some that rejoice in solos and can’t get enough, however a drum solo followed by a guitar solo not much later meant the pace dropped at that stage (although for guys in their 60’s they were doing a pretty fine job). Now don’t misunderstand me…I love to see Brian play but it was too long, why not have a another hit thrown in rather than the over long solos…to be fair maybe it’s just me that thinks that as there were plenty of people digging it…as did I obviously but as I say…just…long…sigh…the problems of trying to please every Queen fan…

…Look I loved the show. It was fantastic. I can’t get enough of seeing Roger and Brian live and for me that meant a third gig of the tour…this time in Prague with the Mrs. Nice.

Ticket: October 18th 2008 / Wrist Band

Ticket Price: £49.50

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