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#106 Queen And Paul Rodgers @ Newcastle Metro Arena (May 3rd 2005)

Queen And Paul Rodgers @ Newcastle Metro Arena May 3rd 2005

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This was the first of two consecutive nights seeing Queen and Paul Rodgers. Now before I start I should point out that I am a huge Queen fan and always have been since very young. My eldest brother played their records all the time and I just loved what I heard. That same brother now has no interest in music and hasn't for the last 25 years. Kind of odd but hopefully it wasn't Queen that put him off! I used to be embarrassed to say I was a Queen fan; I still get weird looks from people when I tell them this. I suppose they aren't cool and never have been...maybe why they were so successful. 

In the build up to these gigs there had been a lot of talk about no one being able to replace Freddie Mercury and why were Brian May and Roger Taylor even trying. Well from my perspective, and what was said many times in the press by the band, was that no one could ever replace Freddie. This is why the band wasn't just called Queen. It was a 'coming together' of artists rather than one artist simply joining another. This wasn't Queen, this wasn't Paul Rodgers, it was a mix of both. Did it work? Not fully, however it didn't stop me enjoying the concert, and the ones that followed, immensely. 

I travelled with my fellow Queen loving fan; Mark. We have been to many Queen related shows, events and conventions over the years. Finally this was a chance to hear our beloved sings played on the big stage. 


Tie Your Mother Down...seeing and hearing that guitar being played by Brian May was a moment that will live with me forever

- A spine chilling Bohemian Rhapsody with Freddie on screen

- The last three songs were phenomenal: All Right NowWe Will Rock You and We Are The Champions...what a way to finish

- Seeing my heroes....


- Not seeing John Deacon. This tour would have been embraced by even more Queen fans if John had been on board however stepping out of the limelight after 25 years is to be applauded…..still gutted though

- Paul Rodgers is a damn fine singer but some of the songs played weren't suited to him. I Want To Break Free for example

Delighted they did these gigs and the ones that followed in 2008. A decent album followed: Cosmos Rock but by 2008 I think Paul just wanted to go back solo. It was a pleasure all the same sir.

Had a great night out after and then moved on to Manchester for round 2.

Ticket: May 3rd 2005

Ticket Price: £49.50

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