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#154 Queen and Paul Rodgers @ Prague O2 Arena (October 31st 2008)

Queen and Paul Rodgers - Prague O2 Arena October 31st 2008

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My Queen pilgrimage continued this time abroad in the beautiful city of Prague. Didn't fancy taking Mark with me this time, instead the wife took little persuading in coming with me....the four day city break played a part I would imagine.

The city is wonderful and many fans had made the trek from all over Europe for the gig. The venue itself was, well, the venue was another O2 Arena. I have stated many times that arenas can be soulless and characterless and they definitely are…however they can also be extremely efficient and well run places. It seems a shame though to go to a wonderful, historic, picturesque city and simply go to see a gig at an O2 arena. It’s like going to Florence in Italy and getting a coffee in Starbucks. In short the venue could have been anywhere.

It has to be said that the O2 arenas are some of the best as far as being well run is concerned. There never seems to be any hassle at any of the ones I have been to and the staff are well trained and polite and are usually willing to help. On the flip side however the O2 arenas are expensive. A beer will set you back much more than the norm and as for the food, forget it. On the whole though they provide a pleasant experience for seeing a concert except when they get too hot…

Upon entering the venue we got a drink and headed into the main arena. It was early and there was still plenty of room and so I made a bee line for the runway where I knew that Roger would be playing his drum solo and Brian playing Love Of My Life and ’39. Feeling pleased with myself I started to explain to Lorraine how much of a great position this was. I could see that she wasn’t really listening and within a few minutes it became clear that the Mrs wasn’t ignoring me on purpose but was feeling too hot. Now at this point regular readers will be familiar with this. Over the years Lorraine has had a few incidents of fainting or of having to get out of somewhere quickly before she does. This was one of those. We went back out to the bar area and managed to get a bit of fresh air (as fresh as the air gets in a bar) and the love of my life started to feel much better. We headed back into the arena and the place was now jammed. I was a little crestfallen it must be said…and annoyed…

All was forgiven after a minor strop on my part and the gig was superb. The same set list again as previous nights but again that has to be understandable in the circumstances. Paul Rodgers isn’t going to learn many Queen B-Sides now is he? I maintain the solos are too long, although I love the drum solo, and would prefer another ‘hit’ however they are not getting any younger I suppose and need the breaks that the solos provide.

I loved the gig tonight and the previous ones, as I did the gigs in 2005. That’s enough now for this set up though. The only thing that would make me happy now is if Brian, Roger and John played a few nights in a small venue in London for the fans. I haven’t given up on that completely but am realistic to realise that it is highly unlikely. A Roger solo tour would be greatly welcomed by me though so hurry up Rog and get your arse in to gear.

Ticket: October 31st 2008 / Wrist Band

Ticket Price: 1190,00 Kc

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