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#233 Quireboys @ London Borderline (February 9th 2014)

Support: Curran

Music doesn’t need to be complicated. Some of the best music isn’t complicated and good time rock n roll is some of the best, least complicated music there is. The Faces were one of the masters of it and the Quireboys, as Spike freely admits, have being heavily influenced by the seventies band over the years. These days there are few who do it better than the Quireboys and I don’t know of any who are as fun to see live.

Quireboys - London Borderline February 9th 2014

There is no shoe gazing from the Quireboys. They constantly interact with the crowd. It is impossible to not like them but especially so Spike. He is a front man full of personality, fun stories (some truer than others) and a distinctive rock voice that few can better. He is still sounding in outstanding voice, looks the part and is on top form here. He and guitarist Guy Griffin may be the only two original members left but other guitarist Paul Guerin and Irish keyboard player Keith Weir have been there for so long now that they are part of the furniture themselves. Interestingly original members Guy Bailey and Chris Johnston are in the crowd. Not so the other 25 + former members. Yes, as they mention tonight, there have been a long list of members not least drummers over their thirty year history. Hell Spinal Tap only had a dozen ex sticksmen...although one of those did self combust.

This was my fourth time seeing the Quireboys. Donington, Newcastle St. James Park, Nottingham Rock City and now here. Not a bad line up of venues really. This was my first visit to the Borderline though. First impressions? Well once we had managed to get round the drunk fuck who was keeping the bouncer occupied we found that it is a brilliantly sweaty rock club. For this acoustic performance the sound was excellent and the 300 of us packed in had a great time. I just couldn’t stop smiling. Spike, Griff and Paul bounce off each other brilliantly and even though they only write songs about drinking, women, cars and cigarettes (their words) they do it bloody well.

Quireboys - London Borderline February 9th 2014

I bought 7 O’Clock on 7” back in the day. I played it so much that my brother threatened to throw it out of the window. Hearing it and its B-side Pretty Girls live brought back happy memories which good music should. Hearing all the old songs is of course always enjoyable and, Whipping Boy, Misled, There She Goes Again and Sweet Mary Ann really did sound suited to the acoustic format. One of the most encouraging things about tonight was that the new songs held up so well against the old classics. Last year’s album, Beautiful Curse, was a bit of a corker and songs like Twenty Seven Years, Mother Mary and the title track are as good as any. News of another new album coming is fantastic to hear.

I Don’t Love You Anymore was the only way to end, and as the Borderline sung the lyrics back I realised that despite the young couple in front of us snogging the perms off each other these places are made for rock n roll and yep rock n roll is made for them. My only regret was not being able to go for a drink with them after. A night drinking with the Quireboys would be worth a few chapters for my book (which has been a long time comin’) time maybe...

Ticket: February 9th 2014

Ticket Price: £15.00

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