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#234 Quireboys @ London Half Moon Putney (April 23rd 2014)

Support: Screaming Eagles

Putney’s famous Half Moon pub. A terrific venue filled with history. The Stones, The Who and U2 all played here back in the day. A small sized club perfect for a rock gig boasting both excellent sound and more importantly a really good bar next door. Tonight we were here for the second of two shows celebrating the Quireboys 30th anniversary. Thirty years doesn’t seem possible. As Spike jokingly said that can't be true as that would mean he was just ten years old when they started out together in 1984…well maybe not Spike…but it really  is 1987 when they released their first single and 1990 when Hey You got close to the top ten…

Quireboys - London Half Moon Putney April 23rd 2014

Support was from the hugely impressive Screaming Eagles, a Northern Irish band who have a singer in Chris Fry with a rock voice that Vedder would be proud of....and in All The Way they have at least one AC/DC ish sounding track (no bad thing) that somehow manages to be both fresh and yet at the same time a throwback to the seventies. A storming set from the lads.

At the very least you are guaranteed a good time at a Quireboys gig. Classic rock music played with a smile and a rhythm that yes the Faces would be proud of. The set list tonight was filled with songs from across the years with many highlights. Not sure if it was the sound, the venue or the occasion…or maybe the fact that the show was being recorded, but there were some excellent versions of their back catalogue aired here. Even Homewreckers and Heartbreakers which Spike didn’t exactly get right (not for the first time apparently) was excellent…however it was the run of tracks after that which showed what a great British rock band they are. From newer tracks This Is Rock 'N' Roll, 27 Years, Mona Lisa Smiled and a personal favourite Beautiful Curse, to older classics I Don't Love You Anymore, Sweet Mary Anne and Hey You, the concert never let up. 

Quireboys - London Half Moon Putney April 23rd 2014

The sheer joy of watching Spike is worth the money alone. His enthusiasm is infectious and his ‘Rod Stewartness’ as a lead vocalist is fabulous to watch with only a bigger stage needed (Spike's Mic stand came perilously close to whacking someone on the head on more than one occasion). In contrast to Spike there is Guy Griffin. Doesn’t smile much but he oozes cool and is an excellent guitar player whose calming presence can be felt up on stage. The affable Paul Guerin seems to be loving every minute whereas poor old Keith Weir is tucked away in the corner…although I get the feeling he is more than happy with that arrangement.

The best three songs are saved for last starting with the last record Mother Mary, a storming version of very first single Mayfair and best of all 7 O'Clock, a song that is impossible not to dance to…except by the crowd tonight…who didn’t look much like dancers (myself included)…but everybody loved it ofcourse…it's just that we have all got a little bit older and don't move quite like we used to.

This was the first time for me in Putney at the Half Moon and I loved it, really loved it. I shall definitely be back. The club has a really impressive set up and The Quireboys suit it down to the ground. The band came back on stage after a brief change of clothes from Spike, from one gypsy look to another, to encore two tracks with Sex Party rounding the night off. Sex Party, a song that sums up this band…pure good time rock n roll…and you know what there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Ticket: April 23rd 2014

Ticket Price: £18.00

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