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#17 Quireboys @ Nottingham Rock City (April 6th 1993)

Quireboys @ Nottingham Rock City April 6th 1993

Support: Screaming Jets

Saw a bit of the Screaming Jets who sounded good….very loud if I remember. Good time rock n roll in one of England's most famous rock clubs. Spike with his gravel voice was on great form as always. Never a bad gig by the Geordie lads. Pure and simple it may be but always top class. Another band that should have had more success, maybe they were derailed by the grunge scene which meant that a lot of good time bands fell by the way side. Shame as the Quireboys were one of the best ones.

Loved the venue as well, intimate but definitely one for rock bands. The music afterwards was great as well....allowing me to show off my rock shapes on the dance floor...

Ticket: April 6th 1993

Ticket Price: £8.00

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