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#124 Raconteurs @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 21st 2006)

Raconteurs @ Dublin Olympia Theatre August 21st 2006

Support: Unknown

Never got to see The White Stripes live unfortunately but the excellent Raconteurs fronted by Jack White and Brendan Benson were a great substitute. Jack would hate me saying that...'substitute'. They are a completely different band of course and produced an outstanding debut album in 2006 which myself and concert buddies Pat and Sinead had on continuous loop at the time. 

Strange gig in some ways as it was a Monday night and all three of us were pretty broke. On top of that I had, just a week previously, damaged my knee. I had managed to survive Saturday's Snow Patrol gig but I thought I could properly damage it by moshing at the Raconteurs (no offence to Snow Patrol but moshing is not something that you associate with their gigs). Managed to get through it but just a week later I went to the Sports Injuries clinic and was told that I had fucked up my cruciate ligament in my right knee. Not sure how I survived the gig but I fact went to a few more before getting an operation on it 6 months later.

Good gig especially as they had only one album at the time. HandsSteady As She Goes and Broken Boy Soldiers were stand out tracks for me.

Look forward to seeing more from them and The Dead Weather in the years to come.

Ticket: August 21st 2006

Ticket Price: €33.20

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