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#129 Razorlight @ Dublin RDS Simmonscourt (February 20th 2007)

Razorlight @ Dublin RDS Simmonscourt February 20th 2007

Support: Director

Decent gig from Razorlight. I always thought they were a great live band especially with front man Johnny Borrell using the stage so well. However tonight was just an ‘ok’ gig, although that view is slightly coloured by it being on a Tuesday night (too early in the week to feel particularly good). 

At this point the band had released two excellent albums and were riding high. Playing in the RDS Simmonscourt venue was a probably a mistake as it really isn't the best place for a gig. It has its uses (for exhibitions and the like) but for music concerts I just think that the sound and atmosphere is weak.

The gig was ok but nothing to write home about. Yes the band have great songs like In the Morning, Golden Touch and Stumble and Fall, not to mention UK number 1, America but tonight there was too many 'ok' moments and not enough highlights.

I was to see them again the year after and even though it was in a support role I thought they were much better.

Ticket: February 20th 2007

Ticket Price: €44.20

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