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#76 Red Hot Chilli Peppers @ Dublin Lansdowne Road (June 25th 2002)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers @ Dublin Lansdowne Road June 25th 2002

Support: New Order / The Walls

Second time seeing the highly entertaining Chilli Peppers and my first time visiting Dublin's main football and rugby stadium, Lansdowne Road. A little disappointed with the set list from them but still a good gig. 

The great bonus was that New Order were supporting this time and so I got to hear the great Blue Monday live as well as an unexpected Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Both bands were good but I certainly thought that the Chilli's could have given more. Best part of the day for me was hearing Under The Bridge live. Best part for the girlfriend was the band running around bare-chested. Each to their own.

Ticket: June 25th 2002

Ticket Price: €54.50

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