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#88 R.E.M. @ Dublin Marlay Park (July 17th 2003)

R.E.M. @ Dublin Marlay Park July 17th 2003

Support: Starsailor / Ruby Horse

Super concert from R.E.M. with one of the best encores I have had the pleasure of seeing: Everybody Hurts / Great Beyond / Country Feedback / Imitation of Life / It's the End of the World as We Know It. Everyone a classic. Best way to leave a gig is on a high and those five songs certainly enabled that to happen.

A couple of downsides to the gig though:

1) Not my favourite venue in the world. It looks nice as a park but as a concert venue it lacks a little atmosphere and too much chatter for my liking.

2) The friend I went with wasn't a fan of the band particularly so he wanted to leave early. I told him to feck off and go if he wanted to. He stayed.

Ticket: July 17th 2003

Ticket Price: €52.50

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