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#135 R.E.M. @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (June 30th 2007)

R.E.M. @ Dublin Olympia Theatre June 30th 2007

Support: David Kitt

The day started badly with the girlfriend vomiting all over McDonald's toilets due to the previous night's excesses. To be fair she says it was food poisoning...yer right like the extra few bottles of beer before The Who concert had nothing to do with it? In fairness she probably did get a dodgy beer as the pub we were in wasn’t the cleanest to say the least.

She was feeling seriously dodgy in the morning but we had to be up and travel into town as she was picking up a ticket off a girl who had sold one on EBay. Bearing in mind tickets for the gigs were like gold dust it was a pleasant surprise that she was selling them at face value. Once she had the tickets she legged it into the famous Golden Arches and used their toilet facilities barging a few girls out of the way in the process and not caring about the queue that was there. Don't think the people in the queue were that bothered once they heard Lorraine being sick all over the toilet.

Luckily she managed to perk up a little bit as show time approached and as we had seating tickets she was ok to go to the gig. If we had been standing then there was no way she would have gone. We met up with some friends before the gig and took our seats.

'This is not a show' we were told when R.E.M came on stage. This was a 'working rehearsal'. In fact this was the opening night of five of their famous live rehearsal at the grand old Olympia Theatre in Dublin. This was a band looking for a new way to do things, a way to connect with their audience in a whole new way.

This was a wonderful experience even at the very top and back of the house. I wasn't familiar with a lot of what they played but it really didn't matter. It was amazing to see a huge band have no qualms showing a warts and all process for their fans. Music very new and music very old was played. The audience sat open mouthed in awe. A show? No. A concert? Maybe. A work in process? Definitely.

A unique opportunity to see a band at play. Will never forget it.

Ticket: June 30th 2007

Ticket Price: €50.00

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