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#111 R.E.M. @ Hull KC Stadium (July 5th 2005)

R.E.M. @ Hull KC Stadium July 5th 2005

Support: The Zutons

This gig was one of the first to be played at the newly opened KC Stadium in Hull. Essentially a sports stadium for the city's football team and one of the two rugby teams the site was also to be used as a concert venue. I looked forward to coming back to Hull from Dublin to see such international stars in my old city. Was it any good? Well my main memories....

- It rained....a lot. Probably the worst weather I have ever experienced at a gig and it had to be in my (original) home town. When I say it rained you have to understand that it didn't stop. At best it rained lightly at worst it was torrential. The average rainfall was enough to water the back garden for a few decades. You get my point

- The Zutons opened up tonight but most people kept to the sides of the stadium due to the weather. A shame really because I actually thought the band were very good (this was in pre Valerie days as well).

- Love REM. Another feel good band for me and tonight they were as good as usual. Kicking off with Bad Day and What's the Frequency Kenneth? got the crowd jumping and a nice touch to then sing their little known song I'll Take The Rain and a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover of Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

- A fabulous gig with a storming encore including a uplifting cover of Teenage Kicks

Great gig. Venue if I'm honest isn't brilliant for gigs, and not sure Hull will ever be suitable for stadium gigs. Just not enough interest in them...but I could be wrong.

Ticket: July 5th 2005

Ticket Price: £40.00

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