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#64 Robbie Williams @ Sheffield Arena (February 15th 1999)

Robbie Williams @ Sheffield Arena February 15th 1999

Support: Divine Comedy

Memorable gig for many reasons. I went along with my wife who had left me the month before, only to come back again weeks before this gig. Thinking about it she was a big Robbie fan and I did have the tickets so maybe, just maybe, she realised her mistake and so badly wanted to go to the gig that she temporarily got back with me. Relations weren't helped when I thought the tickets were for the night before (Valentines Night) and only realised my mistake as we weres setting off. That didn’t go down too well to say the least…

The gig itself was great. I'm not ashamed to admit I like Robbie Williams, always have. Think it’s the showmanship which I like in lead singers (Freddie Mercury having being the main man of course). Remember standing at the gig and a woman with her young daughter were in front of us. When the opening bars of Let Me Entertain You started I naturally started jumping up and down. The mother turned to me and told me to stop...I told her no and that she was stupid for standing. They moved away.

Ticket: February 15th 1999

Ticket Price: £18.50

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