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#195 Roger Daltrey @ Dublin Marlay Park (July 26th 2011)

Support: Paul Freeman

I only managed to see the Who once and due to Pete Townshend's hearing difficulties am not expecting another tour (Roger Daltrey has said in the press that Pete is "almost stone deaf" and so won't be able to tour any time soon) and so I was delighted when I managed to get tickets for Roger's solo show in Dublin

On this tour he is performing the rock opera Tommy in full. Now I have previously said that shows where full albums are played can leave me a little cold (depending on the album of course). It can work great but sometimes can make for an unbalanced show. Tommy however is completely different. It was designed to be played from start to finish and so works brilliantly live.

Roger Daltrey - Dublin Marlay Park July 26th 2011

Roger was backed tonight by Pete's brother, Simon Townshend on lead guitar with Frank Simes (Guitar), Scott Deavours (Drums), Jon Button (Bass) and Loren Gold (Keyboards) making up the rest of the band. Ok it's not The Who but they still sounded good to me.

Instead of starting the show by playing Tommy (as they have generally being doing on this tour) they instead played five other songs opening with the classics I Can See For Miles and Pictures Of Lilly and also a couple of excellent covers. Reason for the change of running order....because Roger could still see lots of people at the bar...good auld Ireland!

Next was the Tommy album in its entirety. This for me was a great experience. I especially loved ChristmasPinball Wizard and We're Not Gonna Take It. It really was great to hear the album in full (I nearly typed 'as it was meant to be heard' but without Pete then sadly that's not the me though this was superb).

Roger followed up by playing a selection of other Who songs including the magnificent Who Are You,My Generation (acoustic) and my absolute favourite of the night, Baba O'Reilly. Throw in a joyful Johnny Cash medley and the crowd really lapped it up.

The band encored with The Kids Are Alright and Red, Blue and Grey which was slightly spoilt by the noisy lads chatting away next to me (that's my grumpy old man mode raising its head again).


- A storming and very angry Going Mobile sung by Simon Townshend who was having problems with his mic and sound men! When he had finished he threw his guitar pick into the crowd and I watched it all the way as it curved round and smacked me in the ear. I dived down and grabbed it before anyone else could. Made me happy and I went into smug mode

- Mr Daltrey himself. Great voice (he did manage to 'beat the shit out of it' as he had promised at the start) and a great guy all round. Always seems to be down to earth...never affected by fame

- Great hearing the full version of Tommy played

- Venue. Superb idea. Loved the Marquee / Circus Tent set up with a 5000 capacity. Better than some of the previous year's open air concerts in Marlay Park if I'm honest. Hope to see it continue for years to come

- Atmosphere. So chilled

- Paul Freeman (Tonight's support). Had never heard of him before but thought he was extremely good. He had a strong voice and great acoustic guitar


Would have loved Mr Townshend to be up there playing his masterpiece

- Getting home. Bit of a pain

Would have loved to have seen Roger, Pete, John and Keith back in the day but alas it wasn't to be. Hearing Roger at 67 sound as good as he did and seeing him enjoy it so much shows what a truly Amazing Journey he and the band has been on (see what I did there Who fans...??).

A fabulous 2 and half hour show.

A true legend....and as he said himself 'Be lucky, be healthy and be happy'. Sounds good to me.

Ticket: July 26th 2011

Ticket Price: €39.50 (I got it free though!)

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